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24-tooth disc for optical (green top) cam angle sensor
[DSM 6-bolt, ALSO FITS '90s+ NISSAN SR/RB/CA/VGDE ENGINES! (disc for earlier models coming soon)]

-This is a cam-driven disc. The 24 cam teeth correspond to 12 effective crank teeth; ideal for AEM EMS-equipped cars
-This disc is compatible with ONLY the optical (green top) cam angle sensor (CAS) from the '90-'92 model years. If you have been using a hall effect (black top) CAS, you will need to get an optical CAS to use this disc.
-A detailed instruction manual (PDF) will be furnished via email at the time of purchase.

$75 + S/H*


* Flat shipping & handling fee of $10 applies to U.S. orders. International orders extra.