Welcome to triggerdisc.com! Your #1 source for custom cam/crank angle sensor applications for use with standalone engine management systems!


We specialize in custom trigger discs for cam and crank angle sensors. They are designed to replace the OEM discs in applications in which the OEM disc provides an insufficient number of cam or crank "teeth" (in some cases, too many).

The discs listed below are for Mitsubishi applications. Tired of excessive cranking with your AEM EMS-equipped Mitsubishi? Here is the solution. These discs are a vast improvement over the OEM design.

  • Increases ignition accuracy
  • Reduces ignition drift during engine acceleration
  • Improves sync time resulting in near-instantaneous engine starting!


24-tooth cam disc for optical (green top) cam angle sensor
(DSM 6-bolt)

12-tooth crank disc for hall effect crank angle sensor
(EVO or DSM 7-bolt)